Intro Flight

Did my Intro Flight this afternoon. My instructor, Mark, led me out to the Cessna 172 (C-GYHA) and directed me to the left seat, which I wasn''t fully expecting. We took off and headed east from the airport (CYQF-Red Deer Regional). After turning north towards the city, he handed over control and I flew the majority of the next 15 minutes. The flight was not much more than a large loop around Red Deer. The weather was choppy and on several occasions I felt the plane getting pushed around, changing course as much as 10 degrees without any reason but the wind.

It was interesting to see the differences between flying a flight simulator (I use Microsoft FSX at home) and the real world. There is less sensation of speed in real life, the landing seemed to last forever compared to in the sim. Getting my attitude by looking outside the plane was definitely different than by looking at the instruments as I would have done in the sim.

The flight ended and I had just done my first 0.6 hours towards my license. It was as much fun as I'd hoped and I quickly signed up for more. I picked up my book kit and scheduled my next flight for May 31st.

    • Hours this flight: 0.6
  • Hours to date: 0.6
  • Cost of flight: $78.70
  • Cost of books: $341.25
  • Total cost to date: $419.95

Getting Started

I've dreamed of flying all of my life. As a teen I remember designing airplanes on a pad of graph paper and at one point had planned on becoming an aerospace engineer.  I've only had one occasion of flying in a small plane, that was in 1987 - a flight from Prince George, BC to Terrace, BC and back. The pilot was my boss and we were in a rented Cessna  - no idea what model. On the trip out he gave me control for 20 minutes or so and I loved it.

I never pursued my license back then, mostly because of cost but partially because I had a high prescription for eyeglasses and thought that would disqualify me. After a while if became something that I'd do if I ever won the lottery. This year, I finally decided to just do it. The cost is only something like $12,000. Most other mid-life crisis purchases would run a lot more than that.

I booked my intro flight for May 17th and ground school to start June 10th.