Back in the air

Shoulder is doing much better, so I booked another flight. Flight Lesson 5, more of the same in review, added flight for endurance and slow flight. Mark demoed a power on stall, it was interesting but not too unsettling to lose all of the lift that quickly. The flight went quite well, I handled the controls well, no trim/throttle reversals. This flight I handled the throttle for takeoff and established the landing descent. Smoothest flying conditions I've seen so far, although the sun was blinding. Finding the airport from the air was a challenge, everything was washing out. 0.8 hours in C-FZRO. Up to 4.5 hours, 1/10 of the way there!

  • Hours this flight: 0.8
  • Hours to date: 4.5
  • Cost of flight: $178.08
  • Cost to date: $1,809.64


Got news on the aviation medical front. Certificate deferred for contact lens use. Have to get a form filled out by my optometrist to certify the use of contacts in flight. Although it doesn't affect the certificate, I also need to send in a bunch of stuff to document the diabetes. That will involve getting referred to an Internist, so that won't happen quickly.

Doctor's appointment and rehab next week. Shoulder is recovering well, but no flying yet.

Big setback

Well that wasn't how it was supposed to work. Got to the airport, weather was a bit windy, Mark decided to go up for a demonstration flight. I did the preflight and as I was pulling myself up to dip the fuel tank on the left wing, I dislocated my right shoulder. Drove myself to the hospital and got it fixed up. A few weeks of recovery now.

Flight lesson 4

Got up for lesson 4. I did the preflight inspection this time. Review straight and level, climbs, descents and turns. Added flight for range. I had control for the majority of the flight after takeoff and up to being lined up for landing. Did better with the controls, but still need some improvement. 0.8 hours in C-GTQL.

  • Hours this flight: 0.8
  • Hours to date: 3.7
  • Cost of flight: $178.08
  • Cost to date: $1,631.56

Simulator time

Weather was okay, but Mark elected to get me into the simulator for some instrument time. Great experience, I did the whole flight, including takeoff and landing. He put me into IMC (zero visibility) just after take off so I had to rely on just the instruments. That was challenging. 0.5 hours.

  • Hours this flight: 0.5
  • Hours to date: 2.9
  • Cost of flight: $84
  • Cost to date: $1,453.48

Flight lesson 3

Got up for Flight Lesson 3 today. More climbs and descents as well as gentle and medium turns. Better than last time, but still am reversing throttle and trim. 0.8 hours in C-GTQL.

  • Hours this flight: 0.8
  • Hours to date: 2.4
  • Cost of flight: $178.08
  • Cost to date: $1,369.48