Great flying today

Went up for circuits again today. Reported weather was a little suspect, variable winds and turbulence. Didn't really materialize though, only felt a few bumps and the wind was hardly noticeable. Did 6 circuits, and I did it all today. My first take off was as smooth as is possible, completely unnoticeable. Not much traffic at the airport so everything went smoothly without disruption. Overall, I thought that the flying went quite well. My circuit maneuvers were good, attitude control was good most of the time. Blew through my circuit altitude by 200' once, but corrected that quickly. Approaches were pretty good too, little bit of fine tuning still. I was getting the runway line on approach much better today, found a spot on the windshield to track my aim point through and it made for a decent setup for all of the landings. Still need to work on my transition (flare), but I'm nearly there. Mark says I'm really close to solo now, of course that will still have to wait for the medical. First flight in this particular plane, I liked it, it handled very well. 1.0h in C-GZYT.

  • Time this flight: 1.0h
  • Time to date: 15.5h
  • Cost this flight: $222.60
  • Cost to date: $4,258.24

Shortened flight

Another shot at circuits today. Took a while to get in the air - at first there was no aircraft available. Once it arrived, I found a nick in the prop as I was doing the preflight inspection. It was enough to ground the aircraft. We ended up getting a different plane and went up to try some circuits. Although the reported weather wasn't much of a problem, reality proved differently as we faced a gusty crosswind just above the runway. My first circuit ended up pretty ugly as my downwind course made my base leg way too short and I had no time to descend on approach. That one turned into an overshoot. The second circuit went really well, I made the necessary corrections to keep it square and set up a really nice approach despite the crosswind. I managed to get a crab going without really trying to and was coming into the runway with a good speed, attitude and heading. My instructor took over for the landing and had a really hard time with it - bounced it off of both wheels separately. By the time he had it down, there wasn't enough runway left to take off again, so we called it a day. I did have an interesting sight as we were approaching base on our first circuit - there was a group of 5 helicopters in formation heading across the airport airspace about 5 miles north of me. 0.5 h in C-GWVR.

  • Time this flight: 0.5h
  • Time to date: 14.5h
  • Cost this flight: $111.30
  • Cost to date: $4,035.64

More landings

Went up for more circuits with landings today. Not much wind, it pushed me around a bit, mostly right after takeoff. Did 6 or 7 circuits at a busy airport. I did all of the landings except one where Mark demonstrated a forced landing (simulated engine out). It's getting better, have a ways to go before I'm ready to try it alone. My medical is still looking like it will be mid November, the second specialist appointment I was waiting for is on September 29th, so the last hurdle will be the stress test on October 31st. Going to scale back the flights to once a week until the medical comes through. 1.1h in C-GWVR.

  • Time this flight: 1.1h
  • Time to date: 14.0h
  • Cost this flight: $244.86
  • Cost to date: $3,924.34

Bumpy day

Went up for a short flight today. Wind was all over the place, 80 degree crosswind at one point, gusting a bit. That along with a fair amount of convection in the bottom 600-700', made for a rough flight. First circuit ended in an overshoot (go around) as the wind mad a mess of my approach and it wasn't worth saving. Second time around the instructor landed it, and not nicely, the wind wasn't kind. We did a third circuit and I passed on the landing. It was a good experience in seeing what is different (a lot) with this sort of weather. Just 0.7h in C-GJSK.

  • Time this flight: 0.7h
  • Time to date: 12.9h
  • Cost this flight: $155.82
  • Cost to date: $3,679.48

Medical woes

Well it looks like I'm going to have to put on the brakes a bit on the flight training. I was expecting to get my category 3 medical certificate any day (several weeks ago really) as I had jumped through the one hoop I thought I had to jump through (A questionnaire about my contact lenses filled in by my optometrist). Today I found out that I have a bunch more hoops to clear. I knew I needed to get a stress test done as well as a report from an internist, because of the diabetes that I have. I thought that this was just for information sake, but today I found out that this is holding up the certificate. Of course I need a referral to the Internist, I requested this from my doctor back in mid-July - the Internist was supposed to be the one who ordered the stress test as well. I have yet to hear from the Internist about an appointment. I made a trip to the clinic today to see what happened to the referral only to find out that I was referred to a Cardiologist for the stress test and not an Internist at all. So, now I'm waiting to hear from both the Cardiologist and the Internist for appointments that are most like not in the near future. It could be 6 months before I get my medical certificate. This means no student pilot's license and no soloing. Any flying I do until then will need to be dual instruction and there's a limit to how much of that I want to do. The requirement for my license is 17 hours of dual and 12 hours of solo. I'm over 12 hours of dual now, I'm not sure how much more I can realistically do before I solo. It will get to a point where I'm just buying flying time (with the instructor) while I wait for the medical, and will still have do the 12 solo hours after that (along with some dual time that is required after solo). Might well be easier (and cheaper) to stop altogether until I have an idea when I'll see the specialists.

Just after posting this, I found out that my stress test is booked for October 31. Not too bad, 3-1/2 months from referral. We'll see how the Internist is.

More circuits

Another great night for flying, only a little wind. Did circuits again, this time on runway 34. Everything wen't quite smoothly, some circuits better than others. Most of my approaches were clean, my last one was near perfect. Did one overshoot, which was a lot to do in a few seconds. I think it was a total of 5 landings tonight, it's hard to keep track of. This flight was in a plane I hadn't been in yet, it had a few differences - most notably the flaps switch was time based rather than selecting flaps. Made it a little tougher to set the flaps on base. My instructor is starting to talk about soloing, which is coming up in not to much time. I am however going to have to wait until I get my Medical Certificate. Still waiting for that, nearly 2 months since I sent in the required information for the deferal. 1.0h in C-GWVR.

  • Time this flight: 1.0h
  • Time to date: 12.2h
  • Cost this flight: $222.60
  • Cost to date: $3,523.66