Snuck in some circuits

I managed to sneak in some circuits this morning before the snow shut it down. A little bit of wind 11 knots from 300 degrees, which was almost straight down runway 29. A little gusty and a little choppy 100-300' AGL. I did 4 circuits which all went quite well, my landings were decent. I didn't feel too much pressure from the shorter runway or from the wind. Except for about 10 seconds that Mark took control so I could look around for a landing site in case of engine failure, I was in control for the whole 0.8h - the landings were all mine. The snow was starting wet the windshield pretty well so we cut it short by a lap or two. About 10% ice on the runway and taxiways, but that didn't affect things too much. Mark says I'm definitely ready to solo any time. Now that I have my medical, it's just a matter of getting the chief instructor to issue my student permit and to get one of the higher rated instructors to take me on a pre-solo check ride, Mark can't authorize me to go solo. 0.8h in C-GMWH, first time in this plane which was laid out quite a bit differently than the other 172s.

I did find out earlier this week that my medical is only good until July 1, 2015. It is tied to the date of my medical exam. I'll have to start booking appointments in April.

  • Time this flight: 0.8h
  • Time to date: 21.3h
  • Cost this flight: $178.08
  • Cost to date: $5,519.32


Received my category 3 Medical certificate today. Only good for a year, but from now, not from when I applied in June. Now I can get my Student permit which will allow me to solo soon.

Emergencies anyone?

After missing a weekend flight for weather, I got back up for some more circuits. It was a good day, wind wasn't much, at least when I flew. Did about 6 circuits (it is so easy to lose count). On takeoff on one of them, Mark told me he was going to do something later on downwind, but didn't say what. I knew. Just after downwind radio call, he reached over and pulled the throttle off. Simulated engine out landing. That particular circuit had me out further than I should have been on downwind, about 1.5 NM instead of 1. It, along with me not remembering my engine out procedure and losing a bit too much altitude right away was enough to make the runway unattainable by a small amount so we did a go around. Second time around went much better, it was a bit strange approaching from an angle and turning to runway heading almost at the threshold. It was a good landing. Most of my landings were decent, I did bounce one a bit so Mark demonstrated a bounce recovery. 1.1h in C-GTQL.

  • Time this flight: 1.1h
  • Time to date: 20.5h
  • Cost this flight: $244.86
  • Cost to date: $5,341.24