Forward Assembly

Aug 23, 2015 2:00 Forward Fuselage

Mounted, drilled, deburred and countersunk the replacement F-719 skin stiffeners. Had to mount the side skins to get everything lined up to drill. I also drilled the ¾” and 1” holes in the side skin.

Aug 24, 2015 1:45 Forward Fuselage

Drilled the new rudder pedal blocks and attached them to the rudder pedal bars. I then created an I shaped jig in the same shape as the bottom side or the pedal assembly and used that to mark hole placements on the F-719 stiffeners. I marked 3 pedal positions. The holes aren’t drilled yet, but there is one hole that is really close to the edge, so I may push that one out 1/16” and adjust the depth of the rudder blocks to fit. I added an L and R F-972B skin stiffener to my order with Van’s today after I looked and found that the forward end of the inboard stiffeners as drilled aren’t flush against the firewall bracket. I’ll notch the replacements so they fit flush.

Aug 26, 2015 2:15 Forward Fuselage

I remarked the holes for the rudder bar assembly - 4 positions on 1” spacing. They turned out nicely centered so I drilled it out. I then drilled the center support to the firewall and marked and drilled the holes for the rudder support block in all 4 positions. Nice to get this done finally.

Aug 29, 2015 2:55 Skins

After a couple of days off, I got back to work today. I pulled the left side skin off, riveted the F-902H doubler on and set it aside. I then riveted in the seat side ribs to the bottom skin and riveted the center skin and aft skin together where I could reach, which is all but about 4 holes per side. I then clecoed everything back together, including the baggage bulkheads and the arm rest. It’s ready to rivet. I then did the whole process all over again with the right side. I’ll rivet what I can over the next couple of days, but then it will be waiting for the parts from Van’s.

Aug 31, 2015 0:40 Skins

Short riveting session with Andrew. Just did 20 or so rivets, of the tough variety, on the bottom left around the center/aft fuselage join and the baggage side rib.

Bringing it back together

August 16, 2015 0:40 Fuselage

Skins - Missed a pile of work time this weekend due to a run in with the flu. Got out for a very short stretch this afternoon to tape off, prep and paint the “visible” parts of the side and front bottom skins. Sure doesn’t take long to run out a can of paint.

Another solo practice flight

Went up for another practice flight, same plan as the last one.Airspace was quite busy and the radio was hardly quiet through the whole flight. I went out to practice area 3 and proceeded to setup for endurance and then into slow flight. I then did a couple of 180 degree steep turns that went very well. I did a power off and a power on stall. After another endurance/slow flight, I started back for the airport. I joined the circuit for 34 and did 3 circuits. It wasn't extremely windy, maybe maximum 6 KTS, but it was choppy and shifting. Quite rough flying actually. My first landing was tricky, 5-6 kt direct crosswind as I crossed the threshold. By the time I was airborne at the middle of the runway, the wind was straight down the runway. I had a lot of trouble with my altitude on the downwind leg, partly because of the wind, but probably more because I was heavily distracted on both circuits looking for traffic that was joining downwind ahead of me. Since the distance from the runway to the downwind leg is guesswork, it's unlikely that this traffic was going to be right in front of me. It was difficult spotting them. My third landing, the last one, was decent, a little hard, but I found myself down and slow very quickly, under 1000' I'm sure. I had another one of Mark's students in behind me and he went overshoot because it looked like I wasn't going to get off the runway in time. 1.2h in C-GYHA. My next flights are Thursday and Friday with Marshall where we're going to try to finish up the 2.8h of instrument time that I need to complete my hours. Flight test is coming very soon.

  • Time this flight: 1.2h solo
  • Time to date: 39.2 dual, 17.5h solo, 56.7h total

Odd jobs

August 9, 2015 2:05 Fuselage

Skins - de-vinyled, deburred and dimpled right side skin. Also dimpled the baggage side ribs and the sides of the forward bottom skin. Tiring repetitive work. Another session like this for the left side tomorrow, then I’ll build my right side brake pedals. Then after a few more small tasks, I’ll be ready to prep and prime all of these pieces. Hopefully by the weekend I’ll be re-assembling.

Tear it all down

August 2, 2015 3:35 Fuselage

Forward Fuselage - Finished drilling floor stiffeners, including the holes in the firewall bracket and the cover ribs. Drilled out the bottom skin holes to the firewall and disassembled the forward fuselage in preparation for deburring, dimpling and priming. 1:55 on this.

Mid Fuselage - Clecoed the baggage side rib and bulkhead into place. Match drilled the 3/32” holes in the side skin. 1:40 on this.

Solo practice

Got up for some solo practice this morning. Weather was close to perfect, not much wind and early enough to not be too hot. I was already signed out by the time I got to the airport, so it was a quick pre-flight and up I went. I headed out to practice area 3 for about 1/2 hour of flight time. I worked on steep turns, stalls, flight for endurance and slow flight. They all went fairly well, stalls were easy, steep turns weren't great, need to work on my precision. Slow and endurance flight went fine, could be better though. I'll get more practice in over the next couple of weeks. I returned to the airport for 3 good circuits, all of the landings were decent. 1.2h solo in C-FZRO.

  • Time this flight: 1.2h solo
  • Time to date: 39.2h dual, 16.3 solo, 55.5h total

Upper air work

Got up for a nice practice session today. Went out to practice area 3 and worked on stalls, steep turns and spiral dive recovery. Threw in a forced landing for fun. Despite not having worked on the upper air stuff in about a year, it went quite well. Finished the flight off with a circuit on 11 and a pretty good landing. 1.0h dual in C-FZRO.

  • Hours this flight: 1.0h dual
  • Hours to date: 39.2h dual, 15.1h solo, 54.3h total

More forward fuselage

July 26, 2015 2:50 Fuselage

Forward Fuselage - Fabricated F-996B and F-996C. Fit and drilled them to the F-9101 gear attach web. This took a little bit of figuring out, the instructions weren’t very helpful. I drilled the side skin and longerons to the F-9101 and that made it possible to follow the directions to drill holes for the F-996B/C piece. Those pieces get riveted to F-9101 as a separate unit, so I did the required prep, primed the sides of the pieces that will be hidden.