No flying, but other stuff

Took the day off work today for a few reasons, not the least of which was to commemorate by 48th birthday. I had my aviation medical scheduled for today, I decided to pursue the certificate early because of some health complications that I have that may impact my being able to get the certificate. No category 3 medical certificate, no Private Pilot's License. The exam and the required ECG are done, need to come back next week to get eyes checked with my glasses as I only had my contacts in today.

I had a flight scheduled for 5pm, but, once again, too windy. Ground school kicked off tonight, only 3 of us in the class so it went very quickly. Theory of Flight and Air Law were the subjects.

Next flight scheduled for Thursday June 12th, but the forecast doesn't look good.

  • Aviation Medical Exam: $150.00
  • ECG: $57.60
  • Ground School: $341.25
  • Total cost to date: $968.80