That was fun

Went in for my weekly flight this morning only to find that they had no planes available when I got there. I took the opportunity to write my PSTAR exam, which I need for my student permit. This is a 50 question multiple choice test with all of the questions taken from a published list of about 200 questions. I'd done practice exams many times, so this wasn't too challenging. Passing mark is 90%, you have 90 minutes to write it. I finished in 15 minutes and scored 96% - the 2 questions I missed were ones I knew I probably missed.

After the exam, we had a plane, but not a lot of time. We went up for a short set of circuits. ATIS winds were light and variable, but this didn't match reality well. We took off from 16, with a definite crosswind from the southeast, probably about 10 kt at about 40 degrees left. Takeoff went well, I had to crab heavily to get a proper ground track. We did the first circuit  and it was clear that the winds were shifting and crossing a lot. I was a little late (1/4 mile maybe) downwind turning base with the wind pushing us along. This made for a fairly long base and final. Managed to track centerline on final very well, despite the heavy crosswind (up to about 15kt now). Although I was tracking well and could have landed it, Mark elected to get me to overshoot and join the R.H circuit for 11. After I joined that circuit, I turned base and found it to be really choppy - getting thrown around a lot. Turned final and found the crosswind to be a lot better, but a lot of gusting. I made continuous adjustments for the wind, tracked a good center line and a decent descent path. Touchdown was very clean, discovered that I'd missed my downwind checks - carb heat wasn't on - mostly because I joined downwind very near the end of it. Takeoff was smooth and my second circuit went quite well. The effect of the wind on my ground track was massive, illusions due to wind. This landing was a full stop as we were out of time. Again base leg was choppy and final was bumpy with the gusty wind adjustments. Had to approach at 70 kts (instead of 65) to account for the gusts. Landing was really smooth again - these were my 2 best landings to date. This flight was one of the most fun ones I've had and we both thought that I'd done very well. First time that I really felt that I could do this on my own. That'll be coming soon enough, hopefully about 3 weeks. 0.7h in C-GWVR.

  • Time this flight: 0.7h
  • Time to date: 19.4h
  • Cost this flight: $155.82
  • Cost to date: $5,096.38